About Us

Musicianship. Companionship. Friendship.

Virtuosi Music Mentorship is dedicated to providing all young musicians with opportunities to explore their musical interests. Our high-school mentors aim to provide guidance in a safe, friendly, and low-stress environment. Virtuosi Music Mentorship is also dedicated to bringing music to the general public. Through community-based projects, we strive to connect everyone through a shared appreciation of music.

Gaeun Lee, Founder
Agnes Shen, Founder
Crystal Huang, Founder

Our Story

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n. pl. vir·tu·o·si - a group of skilled and passionate musicians

n. sg. Vir·tu·o·si·Men·tor·ship - a project founded to connect musicians "virtually"

Virtuosi was founded in late March of 2020 in an effort to bring opportunities for students around the Greater Boston area to enhance their musical journeys. As many parents are busy working from home, there has been high demand to find virtual music tutors for their children. Especially in these hard times with COVID-19 limiting our ways of communication, it becomes vital for all of us to maintain our musical connections. For this reason, we hope to guide students with virtual mentorship and group activities to achieve our goal, as well as building bonds. Our organization is meant to be low-stress and friendly for students who wish to find a way to continue their music at home.

From Our Families

Both of my two sons started lessons with the music mentors since April 2020. All of these high school mentors are very patient with kids and very responsible. We have excellent experience with them and really appreciate the special accompany during this hard time.
Parent of Aiden and Ethan
Piano/Voice Students
My child’s singing has improved a lot since we signed up for our mentor's sessions. We are very, very grateful for her hard work and enthusiasm. This has made our life during the coronavirus pandemic much more productive and less boring.
Parent of Sunny
Voice Student
My mentors are very hardworking and they helped me learn piano and improve very quickly. They are fun and friendly. The teaching atmosphere is very casual and relaxed. And you can tell them about your life troubles or something (not that you need to). The program is also free. I would really recommend them.
Ruizhao, age 10
Piano Student
My mentor has been helping Celine practice piano since this March. She was amazing. She was very patient and helpful in teaching Celine piano. Celine became much more comfortable playing with new songs after the class.
Parent of Celine, age 6
Piano Student