Pairing Up Process

What makes our process trustworthy?


Average Mentee : Mentor Ratio

We make sure our pairing process is reliable: we find qualified mentors, and we make the right pairs.

We understand the impact that older peers can have on the younger ones. This role-model influence leads us to not only look for qualified musicians but also qualified persons. Our mentors are all high-schoolers who have experience in playing their instrument, and are also kind and patient. We keep track of all paired sessions to ensure that each mentor does not have a heavy workload, and that every session is conducted with quality. We have an ongoing handbook, containing methods and skills summarized by experienced mentors for everyone to use as a guide.

We ask for both your child and the mentor’s preferences in learning your instrument through our registration surveys. We prioritize mentors and mentees from the same town (yes, there could be instances of cross-region pairing), with a similar schedule and with similar interests and learning preferences. If you wish to switch your mentor for specific reasons, please feel free to email us and discuss further details.

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