Apply as a Mentor

Are you a passionate musician seeking to use music to connect with your community during these difficult times?
Do you want to meet younger kids, share conversations, and create music together?
Are you looking for a way to get community service hours?
Welcome! This is the right place for you. 2023 Applications are now open!

Mentor Application Form

Virtuosi Applications are now OPEN for the 2023 season! Please sign up using the link above. The form will take 10-15 minutes to complete. Please review our eligibility rules here.

Please review your responsibilities after applying. This contains information on what you should do and how to submit community service hours.

Please note that you may not be immediately paired with a mentee depending on which instruments are available. Once we find a matching mentee, we will reach out to you with your mentee contact information. From then on, it is largely up to you to make sure all sessions go smoothly. Make sure you know your responsibilities!

If you are new to teaching/mentoring, please check out our tips for first timers!

What is the Mentor Experience Like?

“We were learning the C Major scale, and I had been explaining the fingering to her. At first she didn't get it, but then when I actually showed her she had a really big a-ha moment! And then she started playing it in multiple octaves almost immediately.”
Katherine S.
Piano Mentor
“My students said the sessions were very helpful. I've had fun conversations with both of my students and we're able to connect with each other. I think it's really great how these mentoring sessions give us opportunities to meet new people and talk to younger kids in a virtual setting.”
Rachel L.
Piano Mentor
“One of the most significant things that a parent told me was, that their child was enjoying the lessons and was practicing and working hard everyday!”
Kelsey C.
Violin Mentor
“My most memorable moment comes in two ways. One is when my student comes back next week better, evidently having been practiced my advices, making me feel that I have made impact on others. The second moment is every time we part happily after each lesson, when the student smiles and thanks me!”
Tony L.
Violin Mentor

Leadership Positions

**At the moment, we are not accepting further Mentorship Board Leadership applications. If you are interested in joining as a volunteer, please don’t hesitate to contact us!