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Future Virtuosi Events
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Anticipated time: early April, 2021.

Join us for a family night with music-related trivia questions, and have fun with our Virtuosi mentors and peers!

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We are in the process of establishing more group classes dedicated to specific topics. Ideas include but are not limited to History of Composition, Introduction to Music Eras for Beginners, Intro to Wind Instruments, Reading Scores for Orchestra, Introductory Music Theory, and more. Let us know what you would like to see!

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More themed, duet, trio concerts are coming in 2021! The recitals are not meant to be stressful – it is a relaxing environment for all the students to know each other and connect through music. While we recommend a performance, it is not mandatory – students can choose to share their favorite song, an interesting story, or anything that is music-related.

Workshops are designed to be hosted in late 2021.

We understand the importance of engaging our mentee’s private teachers as well in the process. We have no intention in interfering with normal private lessons – we seek collaboration. We hope to open up virtual seminars for mentees to enrich knowledge and skills with distinguished teachers. We are also working on contacting private teachers for more specific suggestions, professionalized guided practices and technique help for the students.

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