Group Classes

Virtual group classes hosted by Virtuosi mentors for our mentees

About our Group Classes

We launched our first group class series, which covered introductory music theory! We hosted the class on Zoom and any interested mentees and families were invited to join. These group classes are aiming to help the students get more comfortable in music, advance their knowledge, and create interest in topics that they may not have had the opportunity to learn about.

Below, you can find some images from our classes in this two-part series.  

Foundations of Music Theory Group Class

On Saturday, September 5th, we hosted the first class in our Foundations of Music Theory series! The classes were taught by two of our mentors, Audrey S. and Ginny W. We were joined by over twenty five students as they learned to get comfortable with reading the notes, rhythms, and basic dynamics on the staff.

We held our second session on September 12th. This class covered more advanced topics, like scales, intervals, the circle of fifths, and seventh chords. 

You can watch the recordings from our classes by clicking the buttons below!

Session 1

Session 2