Being a mentor is great for experience and incredibly rewarding, but it comes with key responsibilities. You will be expected to do the following:

Efficiently Communicate with Parents

As soon as you are paired with a mentee, you must establish contact them through email or other forms of communication. If you do not reply to our pairing email in five days, then you automatically give up your spot. Don’t wait for the parents to come to your first – take the initiative and schedule wisely. 

It is up to YOU and your mentee to determine the length and frequency of your sessions. You can meet as long and as often as you both agree too. You are recommended to let us know your weekly schedules via email, but you may choose to communicate with them via phone, text, or social media if preferred. 

You must communicate any changes as well. If you cannot make it to a session, let every family know in advance. If technology fails during a session, reach out to the families so they’re aware of the situation, and try to reschedule if possible. We will be collecting feedback from the parents, so if you miss too many sessions or the parent cannot reach you, then you may face consequences of not getting your community service hours, or even dropping out of the program.

Schedule and Conduct Sessions

Be prepared. Reach out to parents for new music, even if they don’t reach out to you first. Always have a clear sense of what you’re aiming to achieve in every session, and if possible, plan ahead what you will be doing. We have a comprehensive handbook of resources provided for you to reference from for different instruments, with detailed suggestions and video links to helpful resources. 

Be patient, be flexible, be kind. Keep in mind that you may be dealing with different types of students, but they will all be learning from you. Always try your best to listen with patience and understand their thoughts.

Keep Track of your Community Service Hours

We have prepared for you a log sheet – it is up to you to keep track of your total hours each week. We will be signing community service forms based on the hours you recorded on this sheet.

We highly encourage all mentors to be willing to take at least 2 students! There’s currently a great number of students and we could always use more mentors.


Final Tips

Your role as an older music student that the mentees could look up to is incredibly vital to keeping the balance in Virtuosi. Be there for your student(s) as a friend and someone to talk to. Enjoy!