8/29/2022 UPDATE

We're Restarting!

Hello everyone!

Virtuosi Music Mentorship is officially re-starting this fall with us, your new co-presidents, Serena Zhu and Isabella Hu! New mentor and mentee sign-up forms are updated and posted on the Home page. We’re excited to welcome all returning and new members to the Virtuosi family! (Feel free to introduce this program to friends or anyone who’s interested!)

1/1/2022 UPDATE

Happy 2022!

Happy New Year from our Virtuosi Board! We are excited to share more music with everyone in our community and beyond. Stay tuned for application openings in the spring – see you then! 

5/2/2021 UPDATE

Trivia Night​

On Saturday evening, 5/1, Virtuosi held our first music trivia night. 20 students and mentors participated in a Kahoot game, where they answered questions from “which famous composer has two skulls in his tomb?” to “which Disney princess signs ‘Once Upon a Dream'”? Congratulations to our winners, Vera,  Jordan, and Richard! Stay tuned for more fun events like this.

11/10/2020 UPDATE

Virtuosi is a Non-Profit!

Virtuosi Music Mentorship Inc. has officially been recognized as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization! Thank you to everyone for being part of our journey so far, and we can’t wait to see what will happen in the future!

9/18/2020 UPDATE

Mentor Gathering

We held our first organization-wide gathering for all of our mentors last Saturday, 9/12, on Zoom. We got to know each other through introductions and icebreaker games. We also discussed some logistics for the future development of Virtuosi. Please join our community through registering here!

9/17/2020 UPDATE

First Group Class

Virtuosi’s two-session music theory group class, offered on September 5 and 12, was a success! With about 30 attendees each week, our mentors Audrey Sun and Ginny Wang went over basics (like notation) and introduced some more advanced subjects (like intervals and chords). Learning music theory is crucial to developing a deeper understanding of the music, and is a key part of any musical education. Find out more about our Foundations of Music Theory class here, and stay tuned— we will be offering more group lessons in the future!

9/1/2020 UPDATE

Virtual Music Concert

On Saturday, August 29th, we hosted our first virtual music concert since our expansion in July! We had nine violin and clarinet players perform solo pieces from various many different cities around the U.S. 

In addition to these amazing performances, we got to know each other a little bit by giving fun self-introductions. We are so proud of how hard our mentors and mentees have been working. Congratulations!

8/15/2020 UPDATE

Collaboration with AMBTA


We are proud to announce Virtuosi’s official collaboration with the Acton Boxborough Musical Talent Association! Formed in 2018 under a high school student-led team, ABMTA helps young students with musical growth by fostering talent, building relationships, and leading with guidance. 

With Virtuosi’s partnership with ABMTA, we hope to strengthen and enrich opportunities for music students. Future collaborative projects include a series of music festivals, co-hosted group classes, and more. 

Visit their website here

7/28/2020 UPDATE

Collaboration with H.O.P.E.

We are excited to introduce our collaboration with the Harmonies for Pianists Everywhere (H.O.P.E.) organization! As a center for a worldwide community of pianists, H.O.P.E.’s mission is to bring about collaborative projects to pianists. Their video projects and webinars provide a sense of community and connection, and Virtuosi hopes to help spread their mission through Virtuosi x H.O.P.E. You can visit one of their videos here.

Future collaborative projects coming soon!

7/18/2020 UPDATE

Collaboration with Pro Musica Chamber Players

Created by the amazing oboists Ashley Gong and Liv Oster, Pro Musica Chamber Players extends a helping hand to those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. With their weekly chamber music videos, Pro Musica fundraises for the nonprofit organization Feeding America®, which supports food banks across the U.S. and serves over 40 million people every year.

Virtuosi is an active supporter of Pro Musica and we hope to help bring attention to food insecurity in America. The Chamber Players are all incredibly talented musicians with a powerful mission.

Support Pro Musica and Feeding America! Just $1 donated provides 10 meals. You can visit their website here.

7/17/2020 UPDATE

Our Project is Growing!

It has been ten days since Virtuosi launched our website and started expanding to other towns outside of Belmont. Since then, we received inquiries from an additional 120+ families and 20+ mentors. Our mentors and mentees cover 8 towns in the greater Boston area, 10 states and 16 out-of-Massachusetts cities, including but not limited to New York, California, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Canada, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Our project is rapidly growing, and we’re excited to have new members join Virtuosi’s widespread community. 

For those interested in a higher leader position, our mentorship board positions and applications are available for those that wish to contribute to our project! See our list of positions here and apply here. The Communications Management positions are not limited to musicians, so we welcome people with no musical background but are still interested in joining the program to apply as well. 

Thank you for your support in Virtuosi!


5/30/2020 Update

First Virtual Music Concert

Our first mini virtual concert was successfully held on the last day of May! Violin, piano and bass players from 1st to 7th grade gave amazing solo, duo and four-hands performances.

Along with amazing performances, everyone had the opportunity to get to know each other through mini ice-breakers and discussions on current situations.