Our Current Chapters
If you would like to join a chapter, please contact your chapter lead.

Brookline, MA

Anna Lin
Mentors: 9 (sign up here!)
Mentees: 16 (sign up here!)

Boston Latin School, Boston MA

Bessie Li, Hannah Oh 
Mentors: 12
Mentees: 9

Lexington, MA

Joy Gong
Mentors: ~13
Mentees: ~50

Responsibilities as a Chapter Leader

Familiarize yourself with Virtuosi policies and processes. For example, how to register mentors and students.

Be organized. Gathering mentors/mentees in your community requires a proficient level of organization.

Be flexible. Because this is a volunteer-based organization, expect schedules to change.

Communicate efficiently. Check-in with Virtuosi board members if conflicts occur. If you are co-leading a chapter, be prepared to communicate regularly among your team. Check communication platforms frequently.

Be able to respond to inquiries. Expect questions to be asked by mentors/mentees. Familiarize yourself with the Virtuosi process to be prepared. If there are any lingering questions, provide contact information to Virtuosi leaders.

Understand that Virtuosi is a separate organization. Creating chapters does not suggest collaboration with other school programs, unless it is directly conferred/consulted with Virtuosi leaders.