We are creating chapters lead by Virtuosi mentors! Each chapter is based in a school or a town, open to both students and mentors.

Starting a Chapter

Please fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with startup packets and other resources.

Our Current Chapters
If you would like to join a chapter, please contact your chapter lead.

Brookline, MA

Anna Lin
Mentors: 9 (sign up here!)
Mentees: 16 (sign up here!)

Boston Latin School, Boston MA

Bessie Li, Hannah Oh 
Mentors: 12
Mentees: 9

Lexington, MA

Joy Gong
Mentors: ~13
Mentees: ~50

Northfield Mount Hermon, MA (NMH)

Cynthia Zhang
Mentors: 9

Philips Academy Andover, MA

Audrey Sun, Rachel Bong
Mentors: 7

Responsibilities as a Chapter Lead

  • Familiarize yourself with Virtuosi policies and processes. For example, how to register mentors and students.
  • Be organized. Gathering mentors/mentees in your community requires a proficient level of organization.
  • Be flexible. Because this is a volunteer-based organization, expect schedules to change.
  • Communicate efficiently. Check-in with Virtuosi board members if conflicts occur. If you are co-leading a chapter, be prepared to communicate regularly among your team. Check communication platforms frequently.
  • Be able to respond to inquiries. Expect questions to be asked by mentors/mentees. Familiarize yourself with the Virtuosi process to be prepared. If there are any lingering questions, provide contact information to Virtuosi leaders.
  • Understand that Virtuosi is a separate organization. Creating chapters does not suggest collaboration with other school programs, unless it is directly conferred/consulted with Virtuosi leaders.